Thursday, July 15, 2010

I've heard everyone gets one...

I mean one of those kids who can't seem to remember all those little details.
Like to wear their clothes. Regularly.
Lauren is ours and what a week she has had.
My dad has gotten to the point that he says he's gonna swat her little bummy if comes home from work again to find her little outfit on the floor and the only peice she's wearing is the hair bow. (He won't though because he is a big marshmallow.)
Yesterday she climbed a tree. Then she shed her sundress. So, she's hanging out in a tree in her undies with rumpled little pile of fabric at the base of the tree. Then she pees. On purpose. While still in the tree. And I'm wondering how to get my nakey, slippery little girl out of the pee soaked tree. I decided to leave her there, grinning at me, till things dried out a little.
Today she put our cat in the chest freezer. That was one hairy popsicle and one chilly little kitty.
She also put the kitty in the thin little drawer in my dad's tool box. My mom went out to find duct tape and got the scare of her life. I didn't see it but I bet that was pretty funny.
Her swimming teacher makes her sit on the side regularly because she just dives off into the deep water. By deep water, I mean the shallow end only that she still can't touch and is supposed to wait on the stair until it's her turn. Yesterday they had to rescue her about six times.
Before dinner tonight, Gage punched her clean in the mouth. She had a bloody lip and he had a cut knuckle. Yesterday he shut her hand in the car door. He claims both were accidents but when you say it with a smile it just doesn't seem like the truth, does it?
So I think I'm gonna start watching for gray hairs. And more piles of clothes.


Jen and Brandon said...

VERY funny! And besides, if we didn't have Lauren's little antics what would we laugh about?

vvjenks said...

She sounds like a mini-Allyson and a mini-Kameron put into one. Just think about what great people they grew up to be!!

Hang in there--it is all worth it one day!

Kara said...

Oh I miss that little Polly Wog!

Shannon said...

We need to get together some time now that you are closer.

Bateman Family said...

I told Ashley I prayed someone in the family would get "one" and I'm so glad you have yours. She's adorable and I can just hear her little raspy voice through it all.

I laughed out loud. Thanks!

Jody said...

And that is why you have a Jossy!! Otherwise, it just wouldn't be fair.