Saturday, June 19, 2010

One is tan and one is orange, and I have no camera.

One of the most fun things that has happened for us since we've been here in Morgan is the kids' little kitties. We've had them for about two weeks, and I gotta say we might never get a puppy. Ever. These little kitties are so easy, it's like they're not even around. And they were free. And one of them has already caught two mice before my very eyes. And they've used their litter box since the day we got them (with one exception of a poop on the stairs that my dad stepped in at 5 in the morning in his SOCKS. I'm laughing smuggly into my sleeve.)
The kids LOVE them. They take them on the swings and down the slide. They've been stuffed into the sprinklers and dipped into a bucket. They have been squeezed and tossed and squished and kissed. LOVE them.
I let the kids name them, which has been the only challenge. (Keep in mind that they are both male.)
We started out with Sammy and Flower.
Then Sam and Dandylion.
Then O'Malley and Dandy.
Then Oliver and Seraphina.
Then Garfield and Figaro.

This is where it stays for now. I've just kindof started calling them Kitties as their formal name. And they can stay as long as they like. Ecspecially if they help us out with the mice.


vvjenks said...

A woman after my own heart--cats bury their poo--dogs not so much!! And best of all--they love mice and I don't!!

Jody said...

Alli, I die laughing everytime I read your blog. I love how you just lay it all out there! Good luck in your Mom's basement - let me know how the meth thing works out. :) Have you sold your house? Kevin said that Tony told him someone from your ward was probably going to buy it. It stinks to leave it empty - I feel your pain. I miss you! I don't have any funny friends out here yet...wait, I don't have any friends at all...