Thursday, June 10, 2010

So we are working on that move...

Moving = misery.
I do kind of like the chance to look at each item our entire family owns, and ask "Do I need this?" to which Gage says "Yes I need that leg to my Transformer that I haven't seen in a year!! All the other parts might show up!" Then I toss it. Me likey. I'm not sure why. (I still like going shopping too. I wonder if that means something is wrong with me.)
The house hasn't sold. It's just gonna be empty for a while. I just brought clothes and toys this trip, so we'll be going back alot for furniture and stuff. It totally bums me out to think of my lovely house sitting empty while we're chillin' in the folks' basement, which has a mouse problem and where we're all squished. Tony starts this line about how we both grew up sharing rooms and we should be grateful and how I'm spoiled now.
So be it. Spoil me up. Spoil me rotten with a side order of brat.
I am grateful that my parents are willing to share the basement while we "transition" but I really am missing my home this week. I thought we would move down here and get to see Tony all the time and we'd be a happy family again! Yay! Puppies and roses! Reality: we see him late at night and only late at night, at which point he is exhausted and goes to bed.
I kinda liked being alone better when I had the space for it.
I also liked being unsupervised.
I think I could cope alot better if there was a sundown to this arrangement. An end in sight. Pot of gold and a rainbow, ya know?
Plus I'm afraid the kids have hantavirus.
Pray for me. Or I might start throwing my mom's stuff away.

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