Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wanna play the name game?

When my parents were expecting me, they were also playing this game. Their finalists were Allison or Brianne. Obviously, you know which one they picked. But how weird would it have been if they had picked Brianne?!? I have always kind of liked knowing the name that I almost had- Is that strange? Anyway, I wanted to remember all the names we have considered for this baby. Each has been the front runner (if even temporarily) but we do have one we're leaning heavily toward. This will be revealed at a later date...

If the baby is born a boy, like we are expecting, we will choose one from this list:
Will (William)
Eli (Elijah)
Charlie (Charlton)
Zachary (soon to be taken but I still love)

P.S. I have a thing with shortened names, apparently.

Girls names we considered before I peeked:
Alexa (This name has been runner-up three times now. I still love it, but it just didn't quite fit.)
Leah (Tony's fave)
Eva (Recently taken)
Morgan (taken, sadly, but I still love it)
Kate (Soon to be taken. It's beautiful.)

I had planned on using the middle name Bell, or Belle, in honor of my mother (Debra Bell Rees) but we'll just have to wait and see if we ever make it to 5. Don't hold your breath.


Trenton & Maren said...

Funny! When I was prego with Jenna, Trenton loved the name Leah. Obviously I won that battle. But this time around, Trenton says it's his turn. So we'll see. We find out what we are having on the 15th. Oh, and you are already on our blog invite list, but I re-invited you! No worries.

Kody and Bethany Dribnak said...

Well, my choice is Gavin!! Hehe but that's just me. Good luck with everything!!

"CaroLee and Crew" said...

I still vote for Elijah,and I really like Eli for a nickname. It sounds strong. I like Gavin, that is the name of our newest grandson in Denver but I think that it might be fadish and be real popular for a while but not might make a good businessman. They do grow up... remember!!LOL
I know you mentioned Bell but have you thought about Elijah Rees Jenks?
How are you doing? When is your due date again? I love your blog. It is ALWAYS so descriptive and interesting. I love you.
Aunt Lee