Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer Kick-Off!!

I'm pretty sure that the only way to tell it's summer in Idaho is that the kids stop going to school.
These are the cute little cupcakes we made for Gage's end-of-school party. I got the idea from my friend Kara, who made these for my kids last year on their first day of school. I loved them. Tony asked me why I was making Halloween cupcakes. (They are a Chalkboard with chalk and apple) I tried not to be offended and will try to remember this come Halloween time. Lauren has started taking gymnastics with Jossy. She was terrified the first week and hid under my skirt. I was completely surprised- she's usually the fearless one! After seeing all the other girls do fun things on the mats and bars, she joined in and did surprisingly well for her first week, ecspecially considering she's 2! Gage started T-ball! He is is super excited about this and takes it very seriously. He will seriously wrestle the other little boys on his team for the ball. We're probably going to have to talk about that.

This is his first hit- He made it to first, stood there, and then fielded the ball for the little boy hitting after him. Luckily they don't keep score.
We've also had some little visitors above our front door. The poor mama bird sat there for so long, I thought her eggs had frozen or something. I never heard a peep. I climbed up there to rip the nest down, thinking it was empty and this is what we found!

I climbed up again one week later and look how much they had changed!!

Their little roost was a happy one, but they didn't stay very long. When I checked again the next week, they were gone. And I thought my kids grew up fast!

This last picture is from yesterday while I tried to clean the garage. It has been raining and there was a big puddle out back. It was just too tempting. Once Lauren started in, no one else could help themselves.

I tried really hard, but I just couldn't work up a good mad. They were having too much fun and I was a little jealous of how good of a time they were having. Oh, to be that free.

Their clothes are pretty much ruined. If you have any tips on removing deep set mud stains, I would be much obliged.


"CaroLee and Crew" said...

I love these pictures. I love your darling children. They are so precious. And oh what fun they were having, you are a good mom not to get upset. The deep dirt....if clorox doesn't do it just throw them away!! LOL
I love you all. Aunt Lee

Bateman Family said...

Those are the type of memories kids are supposed to have. We should all let loose every now and then.

The baby birds were a real treat to see.

Looking forward to seeing you sometime in the next month.

Candace & Brian said...

It looks like you are having a fun summer. I too wish I could be a kid and climb in the mud sometimes. I guess I could but I understand conequences better-laundry. Your kids are getting so big I love to keep up with them on the blog.

Kara said...

I LOVE that picture of them in there muddy clothes--SO cute and perfectly captures what a childhood should be. Lauren will be awesome at gymnastics she has the build and energy! Your cupcakes turned out great, too!!

vvjenks said...

Fun, fun, fun!! Don't they look happy covered in mud??

The birds are out of the nest soon!

Keep up the gymnastics Lauren--you've got what it takes.