Saturday, June 27, 2009

American Goldfinch

"The American goldfinch is the state bird of Washington, New Jersey and Iowa. Females are more dull than males, but with identical conical bill shapes. Goldfinches of the same mating-pair will have virtually identical flight calls, and identify one another by these calls."
Our big back window is very reflective. Birds splat on it all the time, ecspecially in the afternoons. The bigger birds that we usually see, like robins and magpies, can take a hit and usually just sit there on the porch stunned until they fly away. (The loud window-thud scares me every time.)
This sweet little guy must have really hit hard. He didn't make it.
At first I thought he was just stunned, so I went out to check. He was obviously dead. Since he was kind of unusual, I called for the kids to come see and I wrapped him in an old rag. They were all fascinated...

and sad.

Lauren was particularly interested. She even waited for me to go inside for a minute before she unwrapped him and picked him up, patted his head and then rubbed him on her little cheek. I know- eww. We washed. Lots.
Gage made a sign for all birds to watch out. (I taped it to the window- you can see how reflective the glass looks.)
The next morning I had Gage bury him in the yard. Each of the kids got a rock and decorated it with markers for little headstones. They did a great job.
Today I caught him and his little buddy Nate trying to dig him up. Gage insisted that Nate wanted to see. More washing has ensued.


Kara said...

I think there are a couple of those burial sites in our neighborhood. Poor (stupid) birds!

ellsworth family said...

too funny! i love the "birds beware" by gage.

vvjenks said...

This was a little educational--especially for your kids. I'm glad you took time to share!!