Saturday, September 20, 2008

Utah Trip!

This weekend has been so fun- coming back to old Morgala! My uncle Scott's dog has a new litter of puppies. Could they be cuter?!? And so much fun playtime with the cousins- I would move back in a heartbeat.

Thanks also to Staci and Anica for going out to dinner with me. It was so great to have some girl time and it was wonderful to see you!


ashley said...

Oh! Wish we could have been there too! Darn it. That blue is sooo pretty on your girls! I LOVE it. (poor little puppy that Lauren is

Em and Brad said...'s always so fun to go home. I love the pics of the kids. Adorable, I must say!

Telle said...

So I just barely read my e-mail about the dinner on Friday night. Sorry I missed seeing ya, but so glad you had a great time!

Aaron and Amber Yount said...

Looks like fun...and the cute! Don't you need one???

Will you give me Kameron or Christine's email address? I want an invite to their blog. Thanks!