Sunday, September 28, 2008

Someday, this will be really funny.

Today was our first day of morning church in a long time. We've been waiting on a new building, which is great, and we finally have time in the afternoons for a little nap. Ah, bliss.

Gage and Jossy wouldn't nap (surprise) and since Tony got a nice 3 hour snooze yesterday, I thought that it was my turn. It was incredibly loud, but I did doze off for about 20 minutes.

This was my joyous wake-up call:
I tried really hard to fix it. The back was hacked up too, but that was fixed pretty easily with a few layers. The front posed a challenge SINCE GAGE CUT OFF HER ENTIRE PONYTAIL!
Our options are now the wig look,
wig with barrett,
and tight front twist.
I don't know if I can pull it back because of all the chunks missing from around her face. This just added about ten minutes to our get ready routine every morning. Or maybe I'll just get her some cute hats.
AND Gage had pooped his pants and had been sitting in it for a while. Yay.
(And yes, he is too old to still be doing that. I'm open to suggestions.)
Tony must have been watching them like a hawk.


Jones Family said...

Kali's little friend totally chopped her hair with scissors like a month ago, so now she has chin length hair. I had to laugh about Tony watching the kids like a hawk, I am pretty sure all men are the same way. The TV goes on or the computer and the kids are running around doing who knows what, but don't worry they have have it under "control":) Sorry you didn't get a longer nap, AND SORRY, you got to wake up to such a fun surprise.

David and Kira said...

You fixed it up to look cute!! The last "do" you couldn't even tell that it is cut! Good job!!

Dad's think it's so much work to watch kids! I just laugh when I think of the time I came home from Enrichment and David was frustrated holding Alyssa. He said Melanie had run away, chocolate milk spilled all over the kitchen floor and when he woke up he couldn't find Melanie and obviously the milk never got cleaned up since it was still on the floor when I got home! I just said "you fell asleep?" - Maybe that's Tony's excuse too?!

ashley said...

I am laughing so hard right now! This is soooo funny! And you had tried so hard to go out her bangs!!! Haha! Start all over...yipee! Maybe now would be the time to try out that bob that you wanted to do on her?

The McGary's said...

that is so funny, but probably not to you:) I think the hawk comment was the funniest. She is still super cute!

Shannon said...

The life of a mom. Maybe a headband would work--and they're quick.

*~McGarys~* said...

Oh my crap! LOL that is so funny. Nothing like leaving a Hawk to watch the kids:( UGH! I've had some good ones to come home to also. But her hair looks cute and you did a good job fixing it:)

Bateman Family said...

I love her new do! Maybe you should take up beauty school?

Gage...they say kids won't go to kindergarden still messing their pants? That's the magic year.

I can only imagine Tony's face when you told him what you woke up to. What? Huh? Men.

Isn't blogging great so you can share?!

Anica said...

Oh sweet girl! I'm pretty impressed with how creative you were to come up with the different hair do's.

vvjenks said...

That must be pay-backs for our wonderful Sunday afternoon naps--Tony!!! I think we had a hair-cut or two as well. Most of the time it just sounded like a war zone.

Jocelyn still looks like a model--her mommy is a wonderful beautician and her daddy is a sleeping bird (hawk).

As for Gage---the smelly beautician. Maybe he thought her haircut would distract you from finding his poopy pants. Sorry.

We still love them all!
Mom & Dad Jenks (Grandma & Grandpa)