Friday, September 12, 2008

I know, I know... no pictures again.

So Tony is turning 30 this year. December 6. His BIG birthday. I want to do or get him something really great and hopefully memorable. I've got a few ideas, but I want some help! We don't have a HUGE budget, but I could do a couple hundred bucks, and I figure if I start now, I could also do something time intensive. Come on- you know you've got good ideas and I need them! So lay it on me!


David and Kira said...

Our husbands b-days are only a few days apart! David's is on the
15th and will also be turning 30. So crazy...anyway, I've got to think of something also. David has been wanting an Ipod for a while now. We'll see if it changes between now and then. Good luck, hopefully you get some good help!

The McGary's said...

sorry I am not the creative type:) Good luck, let us know what you come up with.

Jones Family said...

I seriously have been thinking about this for you, but my only suggestions are: If he enjoys celebrating with friends, have a huge surprise party. If he would rather be alone, see if you could surprise him with a night alone at a hotel and a gift that he keeps hinting he wants. Aaron turned 30 this year and we spent a night together at a hotel, it was so much fun! We had a nice dinner and breakfast there and it was so nice just the two of us, no litte one's running around. I hope that helps, but I know I am not too creative:)