Monday, March 3, 2008


Yesterday was Lauren's first day of nursery. I thought we weren't going to make it to the 18 month mark, but we finally did! Thank heaven!

So I asked Tony to help me get the girls ready, and when I saw what he was doing, I had to sneak and grab my camera.

His face shows how hard he was trying, and he really did think he was doing it right!
Jossy models the dress the right way.

Nursery was a big success, with no tears and no escapes. Now if we could only get Gage to be good...


Anica said...

Congrats on getting your last one to nursery! That's quite a relief. Your girls look so cute in their matching dresses.

Jody said...

Tony gets major points for trying. That's so funny.

The Johns Family said...

so I think that men come with this backwards radar when it comes to little girls clothing. If they put it's on backwards. Jeff is currently batting about a .967 average. (If he were a ball player we'd be billionaires)