Thursday, March 6, 2008

Jossy's trip to the dentist

It's all part of something that could've been really bad, and hasn't really been that bad at all. Jocelyn has some residual deformities associated with her cleft lip, and "The Infamous Nub" is one of them. It was the first tooth to come in but it never really came in all the way. She also has an extra front tooth that came in sideways.

I have been way more worried about this than she has- that's for sure. The dentist also said that she seems to not be bothered by the crooked tooth and that we should leave it. I was afraid having the nub drilled on was going to terrify her, but she was so brave! She whimpered a little when they first used the suction, but not a tear was shed and she AHHH for like 30 minutes straight in her little high voice. It was all pretty dang funny.

Jossy is a special little girl who has the kindest, most gentle, loving spirit of anyone I have ever met in my entire life. This little speedbump in her life is thankfully something we can help her with, and I think she will grow up as beautifully and healthy as any other little girl. We love her so much and thank our Heavenly Father for letting her be part of our family. Say AHHH!
Close-up of the nub and sidewinder.

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ashersjane said...

As a mother of a cleft baby, I totally understand. My oldest had a bi-lateral cleft lip and palate. He is now 6 and goes to the orthodontist on a regular basis. So her teeth look fantastic! Oh and I graduated with Tony. Just happened upon your blog through Trenton and Maren's. Have a great day!