Thursday, March 6, 2008

Gage's First Wrestling Practice.

Tony must have been feeling pretty ambitious! Gage is only 4 and Tony decided he was going to teach him how to really wrestle. Gage was so excited to have this fun outting with just him and Daddy- they could've been going to a turtle race and he wouldn't have cared. I don't know if he really grasped the concept- but you've gotta start somewhere!
(I'm sure a singlet will come later, get excited!)


Garrett & Jilayne said...

alli it was great to hear from you, we are new at this blogging this so it's going to take sometime to get ours up and running. jilayne

Trenton & Maren said...

Way to go Tony on keeping the family tradition alive. Jace is almost three and I decided it was time to introduce him to the sport. I took him to a tournament and then taught him the half nelson. He loves to use it on Jenna.
Hope all is well.

The Lowes said...

I cant wait until my boy Matthew is old enough to start wrestling. just 3 more years.
Marcus Lowe

Drew and Valarie's Family Blog said...

Alli, Tony,, I don't know if you remember me or not. I was roommies with Ashley at BYU-I.... Anyway, I thought I would see how you were doing?! Cute family!!! Does Ashley have a blog? I know Jande does.... Anyway, cute pics and hope your family is doing well!!!!


Seth & Heather McGary said...

Looking good Tony. Do you have him doing mountain climbers and push ups for exercises? Chuck Lee is retired now and I am sure you could send him to "training camp" in the summers.