Monday, February 13, 2012

Eleven years...

Happy hearts all around! To everyone! Mwaah!!

Today is our anniversary. Eleven WHOLE years since we were married.

Five babies.

Thirteen house moves.

Fortunes won and lost.

A few fights. Some tears.

And a million happy moments.

Love him.

Since it is IMPOSSIBLE to go out to dinner on our actual anniversary (and because we have a 11 day old baby) we just have to make the day special ourselves.

This year, I did a "11 Reasons for 11 Years" activity for Tony. I have a special favorite or sentimental item, one for each hour, for him to open while he is at work, along with a little love note telling him a reason I STILL love him. (Cuz we're all old now, and he needs to be reminded.) I'm starting at 8 a.m. and ending around 6 with his "big" gift, which hopefully he will be home to open.

I am hoping that he will like this, or at least like all the little treats; we will see if it was a hit or miss!

(If he likes it, maybe we can snuggle up and watch the new Twilight movie, because I'm lame and still haven't seen it yet. I'm anticipating some unexpected humor and bad acting.)


The Mollotte Family said...

You are seriously romantic and creative, all with a brand new baby -- soooo impressive!!! Tony is a lucky man.

allyson said...

Can I get a copy of your items so I can be lame and copy you? You are a fabulous wife. Tell Tony I said so.

vvjenks said...

Tony really is lucky to have you. Now, what did he do for you? I know he thinks you are the best!