Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Vacay...

Isn't summer supposed to time off? To me it feels like time ON! We have been so busy, that you must forgive poor little neglected bloggy.
The kids rocked at swimming lessons, we did Lagoon, and the library several times, and 4-wheelers, and playing with cousins CONSTANTLY since Jen's come to visit. Lots of yard work, and gardening, and the park and snow cones and BASEBALL out our ears!
For the last month, I have been at a ball diamond every night of the week. Now we've just cut down to Wednesdays and Thursdays for the adult leagues (Tony's mens' league is Wed, Co-ed league is Thurs.) I am embarrassingly bad. I used to say rusty, but that doesn't seem to quite capture the level of my ineptitude. Still, it has been so fun to sneak away for an hour and do something with other adults. I have some pretty fun cousins! Hopefully I can get a picture sometime during the season...

Long live summer!

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vvjenks said...

Busy as it is it is fun! After summer comes school again and then winter and cold!!

Fun to read about all of you.