Sunday, July 17, 2011

Did you know they have free parking at the zoo?

Well, maybe it wasn't free. But we didn't pay, so hopefully our assumption was right.

The kids loved the monkeys. Gage noticed that there weren't any chimpanzees. Sorry that the twenty other kinds of monkeys didn't take the cake. (And how does he know that specific type of monkey? I barely do!)

It was so stinkin' hot, I thought we were going to be puddles by the end of the afternoon. We thought we'd hide out in the reptile house (shady and cool) but sadly, it smells. BAD. So gag or melt. Dilemma.... Do you like how I did a really good job of lining my camera's frame up with the background? Yup, awesome phone pic.

Right after this, Lauren fell off the dinosaur backwards.
She's awesome like that.

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The Mollotte Family said...

When I don't see the kids so often, they seem so grown up when I do!!! I'm not sure I like it. I love Lauren though. Every family needs a little monkey like her. :)