Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mountains. Molehills. They're the same 'round here.

April Fool's Day. Short of teaching my kids pranks that will likely get them suspended, how do you keep this day fun?

Answer me that.

Since pretty much our entire life revolves around eating, here's what we came up with:

We started the meal with pie. It was gorgeous and delicious with a flawless crust. And filled with chicken and vegetables. I know you're imagining it now.

(And you're going to have to because it got eaten before the portrait session. And the crust was ugly.)

For dessert we had hamburgers and hot dogs:
Notice the "Baconator" in the middle I made especially for Tony. Nilla wafers and peppermint patties. Circus peanuts and orange sticks. All trimmings were molded out of fruity Tootsie Rolls. (Throw those puppies in the microwave for 4 seconds; putty in your hands.)
And Krew's first potty training went so well we used it for a centerpeice!!

Okay fine. It's jello. And Baby Ruths. My mom was so grossed out she wouldn't even eat it. Gage would only eat it if I fished out the poop and showed him it was really just candy.

Apparently he thinks I am a really good cook.

Prank of the day: Bucket of ice water thrown on Tony in the shower. My kids helped. And they saw his bum. (They must still be really innocent because they didn't really seem to notice.)

Their squeals of laughter are extra delicious when it involves mischief.


vvjenks said...

Hope you are saving this for a book you write some day!! You are a very entertaining writer--of course it takes entertainment to write about!

The McGary's said...

Where do you come up with these things. You are a way more fun Mom than me. If we were to do something like that to Chad in the shower I would only get something 10 times worse therefore making me hesitant to pull anything on him.