Thursday, September 9, 2010

If we have to sew her up anymore we'll call her Franken-baby

These pics were all taken with my phone, and are all sideways. Sorry.
This one's funny...Marker Measles.
I believe we had watched Nanny McPhee the night before.
And this one's not so funny.
That is one FAT lip. Teeth exit wound. You can't see the stitches very clearly. They're blue. The entry point where her little teeth punched right through.
I still love her face. Those little brown eyes melt my heart.
She is just wild and to say "not careful" is an understatement. She did this when she fell from the monkey bars. She was swinging from the last rung trying to get her feet on the ladder and hit her face on the ladder on her way down.

I was outside with them, just a few steps away watering the tomatoes that seem to never ripen. I sweep her up and run inside to assess the damage. Blood is everywhere and I'm not sure she has all her teeth. Looking out the kitchen window while I wash her lip, I see Gage kneeling by the swing where I had left Krew, eyes squinted shut and his little arms folded in prayer.
"She'll be okay Mom. I said a prayer for her."
I couldn't even talk to tell him he was right, for the lump in my throat.
And she is alright.

I was even able to save her favorite shirt, that I was sure was lost to the blood stains!


Bateman Family said...

I laughed...then I cried...

Jody said...

She's even adorable with all her ailments.

A couple of things...I finally read the Hunger Games and Catching Fire, which you recommended a long time ago. Yikes...kind of twisted. But I loved them and can't wait to read Mockingjay. Have you read it yet?
Also, I just read your post on your house finally being sold and it made me cry. I'm so happy for you guys that it sold, but the whole thing kind of stinks. I know how you feel.

Kara said...

LOVE that Gage! What a great brother! He really does love his sister! Sorry for Lauren! She'll have lots of great stories when she's older! :)

Paige said...

Tate did the EXACT same thing a couple of years ago...monkey bars...hit ladder...teeth through the bottom lip, he also knocked his front tooth out. I've SO been sorry!! Yes that is the Kelly that lived in Idaho she does have a Chloe in gymnastics, what a small world huh! btw we're about 99.1 % sure we're going to name this new little baby boy Crew. Hope you don't hate me! I love it though it! I think we're just going to use a "C" instead of a "K" . Anyway hope all is fabulous!

Lindsay said...

so sorry for little Lauren, but dont you love thoes moments with your kids when you see that that little seed of faith is growing? its like on star wars you want to yell "ITS WORKING!!!" miss you friend.

ps. I am so ready to pop right now, you should see me. I dont think my butt has ever been this huge. Lane said, mommy after you have the baby in your tummy does the one in your butt come out?

The Kamachi's said...

Wow!! You are probably on a first name basis with your doctor. Poor little Lauren, i'm sure it's not the last battle wound she will accumulate in her lifetime. p.s. gage is such a stud!! miss you guys :)