Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ahh, the scent of chalk and paste...

This picture was supposed to be at the end of the post. I found it in the cat's mouth this morning. I thought it's leg was a mouse tail. I wish it was. I HATE spiders.

The kiddos have both started school now and I think they are going to really like it. This is Jossy's first time riding the bus. She said she got to sit with Gage and his girlfriend. What?!? Big brothers first...

Getting dropped off the first day. It looks like someone else wishes she could stay too...

Mrs. Stevens- Jossy's teacher (who actually taught when I was a kid).Getting set at her new desk. (Tag along still in her post.) I'm excited for Jossy to have school. I think it's a place where she's going to do really well. She loves having friends and being the smartest she can be. I think she will thrive in school!

Handsome boy on his first day. Sorry the picture is sideways. Oops.

And two summer highlights I forgot to post:

Jossy won a photo contest! It was at the fair, and their photos were voted on during the week. I told her to do something funny, because everyone likes funny. So she painted Krew with watercolors and took his picture. I was honestly shocked when they pulled her photo off the wall because none of us had gone to the fair during the week to vote! She is loving her prize: a real digital camera!

And Gage won first prize at the home run derby! Also at the fair- he was so thrilled. They told him he could choose a baseball bat or a trophy. Of course he picked the trophy. I'm okay with it though- I can buy him a bat.
(It may be of interest to note that he was the only 6 year-old to enter. He was guaranteed first prize. Of course, he doesn't know that!)
The kids start dance and soccer next week!
I'll be sure to post some photos because you know it's gonna be funny!


angie said...

Shut up! I am totally going to have nightmares about that spider tonight! AHHHHHH!

charm said...

hahahaha! I love your blog! Seriosly... I read the post about Lauren out-loud to Devin! I'm happy you guys were able to sell your house. I can't believe how up-side-down this economy is. But, from reading your blog, I can tell you guys are happy WHEREVER you are!

Kara said...

Great post! Nasty spider!! Its a good thing for those cats--that could have been in your bed! Well, Jessica still claims to be Gage's girlfriend--FYI.