Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Goodbye to the house where we spent 2 Christmases.

Jocelyn wanted a picture with our house. She will miss her pink room.
We sold our house.

I can't really believe it yet...
Let move #14 begin!! And then be over as soon as possible!!
Tony and I went up and back three times in the last four days to pack/clean the house and shop. If I never drive again that will be fine with me. Or pick up a box. (And how is it he gets to ride by himself and listen to the radio while I have four kids all SCREAMing? Riddle me that.)

We sold it to a man from our ward who was going through a divorce. It was actually kindof a sneaky covert operation (he didn't want us telling anyone) and I know for a fact his wife wanted our house because we used to do a preschool carpool together. So he moved in, and then when we showed up on Sunday morning to clean, she was moving in, and he was moving out. It is awkward and strained to say the least.
I was feeling kindof sad about the whole deal because the price wasn't near what we'd hoped and I wanted a happy family living in the house that I had loved so much. But when I was up there and saw how many houses are still for sale and how much people in our line of work are still suffering, I realized truly how lucky and blessed we were to sell at all. At any price.
So I think we'll count our blessing and be thankful this is the path for us. It will take us awhile to get back on our feet, but this is a big step in the right direction.
I already have a notebook full of clippings and articles and drawings and ideas for the next house. Tony keeps rolling his eyes and letting me dream, cuz he doesn't know yet that I'm making him build me another.


vvjenks said...

As I took one last walk through that beautiful house, I was sad and glad for you-- Sad for me as I won't get to stay there again. It was a beautiful home, but happy people and peaceful hearts make a happy home--. One to bigger and better things--right???

Shannon said...

Don't think you can get a bigger smile out of Tony.