Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Getting used to life with four...

Tony grew up in a family with seven kids. Seriously, how did his mom do it?!? The transition from 3 to 4 has been easier that 2 to 3, but still, yikes. I haven't done my hair and makeup on the same day since Krew was born. My house is also a disaster. Tony gets Gage ready for school in the morning (the bus comes at 7:30) and his hair is usually looks super.
But I do what I can, so I embrace my disasterness.

A sidenote: Krew had his 2 week check up this morning. He has gained over a pound and a half. I've been feeding him butter. And nothing else.

Another disclaimer: we are rockin' it old school. Tony sat on my camera and broke the little screen on the back that I used to cheat and see if I had a cute picture or not. I feel like I'm using one of those disposables or something. We can still take pictures, but I don't know how they're going to turn out till later so we have lots of strange pictures. Like this one:

Jossy and Lauren started dance lessons again and I thought this would be a mighty fine picture. Oops.

My birthday. Party by Mom. The first of many 29ths.

Krew was less than a week old = why I look so tired.

For Labor Day, we went up to Island Park. Even though we live really close, we hardly ever go up there. We took the kids on their first official wilderness hike, and I think they were mighty fond of the woods. I was on paranoia level 5 while on the lookout for bears. And now I should probably start worrying about wolves. There's plenty of them around now, too.

Our little hike through Box Canyon. I'm wearing shorts that do not have an elastic waist. To me, that makes the day a success.
The kids were loving it. Even Krew had a good time. I think you can see his feet. My sweet little family picking wildflowers.


Bateman Family said...

You're adventurous and look amazing! Congrats on giving birth and getting into your jean shorts 2 weeks later.

Krew is simply adorable!

Em and Brad said...

he's so cute. THat pic on your blog is so so precious. Allison, I"m freaking out about having a second one. How on earth do you do 4? You rock. Seriously.

Candace & Brian said...

Glad things are going well. I'm impressed you're up and running so much just after 2 weeks!

Anica said...

Um . . . you just had a baby and your already out hiking? I'm jealous Al, I'm trying to figure out how to handle 2 and you're off and running with 4. Love ya! You're amazing!