Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You're IT!!

Tony and I both got Taggarooed!! Tony by his mama, and me by my beautiful niece Hunter. I made him do this, and we both have answers. Please note that his participation in a blog post is a momentous occasion.

8 favorite TV shows
Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe
Local News 8 at Ten
Jay Leno
Sports Center
Anything sports, ecspecially football
I don't have a whole lot of TV time

8 things I did yesterday
Went to work
Went to lunch with Kameron and Christine
Shoveled and chipped snow and ice for 4 hours.
Cleaned up all the subcontractors crap after them.
Answered my phone.
Worked on my copier/scanner/printer- it never worked
Got cold

8 things i am looking forward to

Chicago this weekend to see the folks
warmer weather, 35 degrees plus!
A bonus check
Selling our house
Going snowmobiling again
Running Mark's grader
Cleaning out my shop
Gage starting wrestling

8 Favorite Restaurants:
Stockman's Steakhouse
New Fong's
Ruby River

8 things on my wish list:
; ) Every man's wish
To sleep in tomorrow morning, or every morning
Win the lottery
Be debt free
Brandon to be better
Have a healthy baby
To wear a new pair of socks everyday
For the Seahawks to win the SuperBowl

8 Favorite tv shows
The Office
Jay Leno
Charlie and Lola (yes, the cartoon)
Grey's/Private Practice (I don't get to see these often, but I used to like them)
Desperate Housewives. Sorry.
Divine Design, or anything else on HGTV
Hmmm.... I'm kind of running out.

8 Things I did yesterday
Straightened my hair AND put on makeup
Went to lunch with Kam n' Chris n' Kutter!
Watched Madagascar 2 with the kidlets
Made cereal for dinner
Changed some diapers, wiped some bums
Worked on my sharing time for Sunday
The dishes
Thought about doing the laundry

8 things I am looking forward to:
Selling our house, and finding a place where we don't have to move every 6-8 months
All the chick flicks I am going to rent while Tony goes to see his parents
August 25th- Due date for baby #4 (yup, we're expecting. I guess the beans are spilled.)
Gage starting kindergarten this August
Sunshine and no snow. Spring please come!!
Lauren being potty trained- I could actually not buy diapers for a few months!
Vacation- we don't have one planned, but it sure sounds great.

8 fave restaurants
Carinos or Macaroni Grill
Olive Garden
Dairy Queen
Pizza Hut
Taco Bell

Wish List
A healthy baby
A good epidural
Easy delivery
All by baby weight to be left at the hospital (seriously, I wish)
A new wardrobe
To find a big pot of gold
My children to all be happy, have friends, feel special and important and loved
To spend eternity with that silly guy whose answers are up top. This one, I might just get. ;)

8 people we tag:
Dave and Ashley
Trent and Julie
Brandon and Julianne
Rich and Lindsey


Ashley said...

Your Expecting!!???!! Ha.

So, yea to being tagged and yea to leaving baby weight at the hospital! I am pretty surprised Tony did this...wow! So, maybe Dave can watch all the kids this weekend- ha, and you Jen and I can go to COnfessions of a Shopaholic! Yipeeeee!

Brooke said...

You crack me up! Congratulations on your new baby. Are you due in August then?

Tara said...

Congrats on Baby #4. I am due with #2 just a month ahead of you. And AMEN to a good epidural!

Jody said...

Ditto on your wish list. Congrats on the new baby. So he/she and Lauren will be exactly 3 years apart, right? That long of a space will feel like a zillion years to you!! I can't wait to find out what you're having. I can't believe how long it's been since we've seen you guys...and you only live a couple fields away! We need to get together after all my kids get well - which will probably be when it gets warm - which probably means June-ish, maybe July. So ya, maybe we better not wait that long.

Oh, and I read what Ashley wrote - I saw that movie last weekend and it was really good! I loved it! A definite girl movie.

Bateman Family said...

I like that Tony participated too. I love your sense of humor.

The McGary's said...

Congrats on the baby!! Hope it goes well for you, what an exciting time. I loved that you both did the tag. I got tagged with this one but just me, maybe I will have to copy you and make Chad do it too.