Friday, February 27, 2009

Did I just hear Tony Laugh? Loudly? In public?!?

I made Tony go see this movie with me- and we both really liked it! This is one of few adult movies we have seen in the last few years, and I must say that it was pretty clean, pretty funny, and the clothes were FAB! Clothes I dream about wearing, but they are not only unaccessible in Idaho, but completely impractical and would look ridiculous with my rapidly swelling torso... and face and thighs, let's be honest... So if you adorable neighbor offers to tend for free so she can pass of some YW achievement stuff, jump on it! And see this!


Ashley said...


Aaron and Amber Yount said... did I just read that right? "Rapidly swelling torso"? Really??? Congrats!

Candace & Brian said...

I'll have you know I read your blog about 12 today and went to the 4:00 showing because of it. I loved it too!! And you could pull those clothes off....just the garments hanging out the top might not be so attractive. :)