Thursday, September 22, 2011

While my kids DO get their homework done every night, and I am caught up on the laundry, I have to say that lately my blog has been an...


We have been so busy, I feel like this has been put to the side for a bit. Which is okay... I will get to it. Eventually.

Doesn't he just melt your little heart? I know, mine too.

He hasn't been taking naps for months now and hardly sleeps at night because he crawls out of the pack-n-play lickety split! This is the hardest thing we are going through with him right now... Last night he went to bed at a quarter to 12 and was up before 7. He will be going strong all day. I wish I had his energy! And his golden curls.

So Krew turned 2 and Lauren turned 5 in August. They shared a dinosaur party, which was Lauren's idea and delighted them both! Easy Peasy!

Then school started, which is so busy but also so nice because it gets all of us back on a schedule.

Gage is doing a science club, football and soccer. Football is brutal! For the first 3 weeks it was 2 hours every night. Poor little Gage gets throttled pretty much every minute of those 2 hours. He is in the running for smallest guy on the team. He has asked several times if he can quit, but I'm the mean mom who says, "It's important for you to learn to do hard things." Then I feel bad. Still, there's only a few more weeks and we will BOTH stick it out. Then wrestling starts!

Jossy is doing soccer, violin, voice lessons and Science club. She tries so darn hard, it plumb near breaks my heart! She's pretty good at everything she tries, but I think that's because she gives 110% on everything she does, everyday single day.

Lauren is doing preschool and soccer. She is technically old enough to have started kindergarten, but when we took her into her assessment, I thought it was wise to let her grow another year. She didn't even know her last name! Best mom ever.

Krew does snacks and cartoons. But not naps. Sniff. He still doesn't talk very much, but seems to be quite coordinated! He does some awesome baby-ninja moves that are hilarious!

And the little man I can't wait to meet... you are making me fat.

I went in for another appointment, where they did their monthly ultrasound (which I love) and again the doctor said BOY. I am so excited for you to be here (not as excited to GET you here) and hopefully by then you won't have to share the crib with Krew. Tony and I keep debating names; mostly the same ones we considered last time for Krew, but we are open to suggestions! Middle name is still totally undecided.

Once we made it past that whole green stage that I just want to skip, I have to say I feel good! I feel strong and like my worn-out body is coping well! Hopefully, we can continue this blessing all the way to delivery!


Candace and Brian said...

I love reading about your darling growing family. You stay SO busy and have the cutest kids ever. Glad you're feeling well. I too hope it lasts.

Landon and Dana said...

Yeah Alli! congrats on the new baby! and i feel for you.... i don't know what i would do if Daxton didn't take naps... probably cry, really hard! you are an awesome mom! Oh, and i totally saw you on the news. you go girl

vvjenks said...

Your positive attitude lifts all who ready about your sweet little family on your blog. Enjoy it all--

charm said...

Just saw that you're expecting again! CONGRATS! You're the best mom ever... lucky little guy. :)