Thursday, June 9, 2011

Soggy city...

This post is only interesting to about three people. Sorry. But check out this flooding! No joke, this pasture had cows in it until about a week ago. They ran out of places to stand, and the farmer finally moved them.
Bye bye new fence.

This fence got pushed down by debris.

And speaking of debris- the septic tank at the folks place is full. It has been for roughly ten years. Last week it finally began rejecting new entries. One of the kiddos used the potty downstairs. It would not flush! I, being more resourceful and less intelligent, plunge the dickens out of it. DEBRIS begins backing up into the bathtub. Can't clean the tub because there is nowhere for the water to drain. Awesome.

I beg my dad to call the septic tank guy the next morning. Then cleaned the tub with the same vigor I used to plunge that toilet. I think I have chemical burns on my hands. But who wants to bathe their kids in the poo tub?

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Ashley and Dave said...

the POO tub :) LOVE IT.