Monday, May 9, 2011


So Jen took some cute pictures of the fam while we were up in Washington... I'm still working on getting them edited and posted due to technical difficulties, but it's still on the list! Don't you worry-

Things here are super busy. I feel like everyone is trying to fit in everything before school ends (Pet day and park day and field trips and we signed Lauren up for a second preschool, soccer and juggling 3 different baseball leagues and Primary presidency meetings and...) So we're busy. So my posts are lame.

I did want to share a scary story. I guess I'm just still amazed that we dodged this bullet. I'm honestly sick when I think about it...
Saturday night we had a hot dog roast in the back yard with my parents. It was very nice and of course, the kids loved it. We even bought those jumbo marshmallows that are so awesome! Afterwards, Tony said he was going to run down to the storage unit to get the kids' bikes; I was helping clean up the BBQ stuff. The kids were all playing in the yard. I take in an armload of stuff and think "I should go get Krew before Tony leaves." I walk out the garage and see Tony running down the driveway. So I run, because the urgency in his movement is obvious.
I see my little precious baby getting up in the driveway exactly where Tony had just been parked. He had a big, bloody scrape on his cheek and his hands were all black. Neither of us saw what happened, but we think Tony backed over him. The truck must have knocked him down and then passed over him. We don't know what happened. All the other possibilities are also scary: was he climbing up on the running board and fell when the truck moved? Was he standing by the tires and got his jacket caught and was dragged down?
For the last few days I haven't wanted to let him out of my sight. I keep kissing him and holding him and following him around and giving him extra treats. I wanted to sleep with him, but I don't fit in the playpen. ;) And I've said about a thousand prayers of gratitude for the narrow miss. Of all the blessings I've begged in my life, the prayers said for my children are the only ones that I really care are heard.
So hug your kids. It's been about ten minutes since I hugged mine- so they're due for another!


Durrant said...

Oh my goodness... that story is a mother's worst nightmare. What a scary feeling for you guys. I am so glad little Krew is ok!

Melissa said...

So glad he is okay! I've had so many narrow misses also and hope it doesn't ever catch up with us . . .I know there are angels watching over them. You remember our little mishaps with our kids, don't you? Sometimes no matter how close an eye you keep on them, they still manage to find trouble. :)

Allyson said...

I am sick to my stomach for you. So, so grateful he's okay. I am inspired to give more hugs to mine!

vvjenks said...

Aren't we all grateful for our guardian angels??!! These type of experiences really do remind us what is important!

*~McGarys~* said...

Oh my! I would have been freaking out. I am so glad he is ok.