Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life's like an hourglass glued to the table...

My biggest babies are having their birthdays this week. I CANNOT believe Gage will be 7. And Jossy will be 6! It breaks my heart a little because time is going so fast! Gage was just a baby...Then a toddler.
Then before we knew it, there were two!
It wasn't that much later we bought this beast!And we got our little Polly Lolly. Gage was 2 and a half.
This is Gage and Lauren. She was such a tiny little thing!.
We were quite the circus! This is when they 1, 2, and 3.
Gage's kindergarten graduation!
Jocelyn's preschool graduation. She is awesome at remembering the actions...
The girls tormenting #4; who is a complex combo of Gage and Joss.Now they're all so big. I can hardly stand it.
But Jossy will always be a wonderful, special, sweet girl. Lauren couldn't wish for a better sister. And Gage can't wait for the day when he can play catch with his baby brother. (I've been getting this pouty face a lot lately.) It is such a funny thing; I wish they could be my little sweethearts forever. But I am so proud of how they are growing and learning. I love them so much.
So a happy, happy birthday to Gage on the 12th and Jossy on the 17th!


Kara said...

fun trip down memory lane! I love your kids' cheeks--so kissable! Wish I could give them all a squeeze--give them one for me! Hope Gage and Jossy have great birthdays!

Durrant said...

Your kids look like they are the best of friends! Such a cute post!

The Kamachi's said...

I love this post. It makes me miss you guys even more!! Your kids are just so cute :)

Bateman Family said...

ahh...reminiscing. It's sad how fast they grow but maddening how long some days seem.

I think you could handle another 4 just fine!

vvjenks said...

Happy Birthday to Gage and Jocelyn!! It is amazing how long some days seem. Then one day you realize you lived through it all happily and healthy and they are all raising families of their. Love you all!