Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So forgetful...

I thought of a few more names we had considered, but have been vetoed by Mr. Boss:


Andrew (This is the name of the first member of my family to be baptized into the church about 200 years ago. I still like it alot, Tony not so much.)
Santa Clause. This was Gage's first pick. This one was also vetoed by Mrs. Boss.

The countdown is on!! I feel great: lots of energy, a little heartburn, lots of stretch marks. I'm having a little anxiety about Gage starting school the same day I'm due; I could not have timed it worse. Seriously?!? What if I miss it?!? I have this recurring nightmare of going into labor and leaving for the hospital. I lay out his clothes and leave him home alone with a note to get on the bus. YIKES!! Can you imagine?


Mendenhalls Unite said...

I think you are being pretty close-minded about the name Santa Clause.

Kara said...

Don't worry, Nate won't let Gage miss the first day of school!

The McGary's said...

You name your babe santa clause and I won't feel so silly about naming ours rudolph. Kyla informed me that she wants to name the baby Rudolph wouldn't that be cute!

Brooke said...

I think someone hijacked your email! Unless you send a letter begining with dear Madam/Sir. Did you?