Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Everyone is finally feeling better! Here's some spooky stuff we've been up to:

Halloween Carnival. Gage was sick this night and wouldn't even get out of the car. He was Ironman.

Super SPOOKY haunted gingerbread house. Gage ever the perfectionist:

Lauren licked the roof. Gage was mad. So was her dentist.

Then Jossy licked it too. I think the finished product turned out pretty good!

Happy Halloween!!


Lindsay said...

I love that you said that Laurens dentist was mad. I am so glad you are feeling better. lets try to hang out after all this halloween business is over.

ashley said...

I love that top picture of the three squirts. I am sad that we missed out on the carnival, but at least we get to see yall on Halloween!! (This makes it sounds like we dont live 1/2 hour away from you.)

Julianne said...

Cute pictures! This is Julianne Mackay. I started a private blog for Brandon and I and I need an email to invite you guys! Can you send it to

vvjenks said...

Spooky! Beautiful spooks!
What good sports you all are. Let us know how Halloween goes.

We're glad to hear you are feeling better Alli-keep up with the fun blog.

Mom & Dad Jenks
alias Grandma & Grandpa